Need to sell your extra commercial real estate space?

Vogel Advisors can help you negotiate a fair value for your existing commercial real estate property

If there’s one constant in the business world, it’s change. Maybe you have land and facilities that at one time were vitally important to your operations, but are no longer useful. If so, let Vogel Advisors help you turn those unneeded assets into much-needed cash!

There are investors and other businesses out there who want the property you have to sell, and we have an excellent marketing platform that gets the word out to them quickly. Our marketing and social media teams help develop and deliver a message that positions your property in the right way, to the right audience. And our track record shows that we make a habit of getting deals done to our clients’ satisfaction.

You can rely on Vogel Advisors to manage the entire process for you: marketing, property tours, fielding offers, negotiations, due diligence, pre-closing and closing. We don’t stop working until you have the money you deserve.

Get Vogel Advisors involved early, and put our sales platform to work for you!