Looking for the right place to open your medical office?

Vogel Advisors has the prescription for a great medical office space

At Vogel Advisors we understand the unique considerations a physician faces in establishing or relocating a medial practice. The facility should appear both professional and comfortable, be fully ADA compliant, and have plentiful, convenient parking. The lease must include special considerations for the use of medical equipment and the presence of biomedical waste, as well as limited landlord access to preserve your patients’ privacy…just to name a few.

These special requirements, and more, require skilled lease negotiations. Vogel Advisors’ years of proven negotiation tactics, detailed research, and knowledge of the market and its landlords allow us to secure the best lease terms for your medical office space, leaving you free to focus on your practice.

Along with our experience, we provide something else of value: impartial representation in the market. We have no allegiance to any landlord, developer or property — only to you. We provide you with clear choices and honest answers throughout the selection process; a simple but powerful way that we set ourselves apart.

Important Note: Vogel Advisors does not charge a commission to its physician clients for Tenant Representation services. We share in the commission paid by the landlord when you sign a lease for your medical office space, and expect no further compensation from you. We even put this in writing.

Call us today to learn how we can help you procure the right facility for you while lowering your real estate overhead.