Looking for space for your small business?

We have the expertise to help you choose the perfect spot

Whether yours is a start-up or a long-established small business, you have special concerns when it comes to your leased space:

  • How do I plan for the long term in my search for space?
  • How will I deal with growth when it comes?
  • How can my space help my small business have a big presence?
  • Which expenses aren’t included in my lease payment?
  • What kind of personal liability might I be exposed to?

At Vogel Advisors, we understand. We have a long track record of helping small businesses lease space with strategies that cover both short-term and long-term goals. We are here for the long haul with leasing strategies to help you grow.

Our proven negotiation strategies, detailed research, and real-life solutions to complex small business problems are the main reasons our small business owner-clients consider us a part of their team. Our goal is to be a valuable resource, assisting you with business planning on a regular basis.

And because Vogel Advisors has no allegiance to any landlord, developer or property, our advice is completely unbiased. That means we can provide you with clear choices and honest answers throughout the selection process; a simple but powerful way that we set ourselves apart.

Important Note: Vogel Advisors does not charge a commission to its small business owner-clients for Tenant Representation services. We share in the commission paid by the landlord when you sign a lease, and expect no further compensation from you. We even put this in writing.

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