Creative commercial real estate solutions designed for your operation.

Businesses, institutions and governmental entities are seeking creative financing solutions to develop, acquire, refinance, or reposition their real estate assets. Considerations include reducing occupancy costs, accessing cash, reducing balance sheet liabilities, tapping alternative financing sources, creating a real estate exit strategy – or some combination of these. Sale-Leaseback, Lend-Lease, or when appropriate, other tax advantaged lease financing strategies can be used to achieve these goals.

Analyzing your situation and methodically considering your various alternatives is a daunting task. There are complex lease accounting rules, tax consequences, credit structuring, cost of capital and cash flow ramifications associated with lease financing strategies.

Third Coast has decades of experience with single asset and multi-property portfolio transactions. We will expertly dispense qualitative real estate advice while quantitatively evaluating your alternatives. And where our own expertise ends, our list of contacts begins. Name the professional service you need and we’ll bring it, be it tax, accounting, legal, valuation analysis, estate planning, construction management, property management, and more.

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