Structured Finance & Bonds

We’ll help you get the job done.

Are you frustrated with your potential lender’s rigid underwriting requirements? Are better financing terms available? Your project might be right for an attractive structured finance solution. When appropriate, we will design a note or bond securities offering tailored to your project’s unique credit nuances – making it attractive to you and investors. We will help you negotiate with investors to produce the best blend of loan size, interest rates, execution costs, covenants, term and amortization structure.

Have questions? Third Coast will explain and guide you. Our 65+ years of experience in public and corporate finance includes direct involvement in ground-breaking structured finance programs firsts, such as the first corporate mortgage pass-through certificate bond offering and some firsts in the tax-exempt bond market.

Our history brings with us the legal, regulatory, financial, accounting and industry know-how to get your project financed. Our always-current knowledge of investor and rating agency criteria has us closing deals under the best tailor-made terms and pricing available anywhere.

Contact us. Let us put our structured finance experience to work for you.