5 Advantages to Leasing Space in a Smart-Building

The demand for smart building technology is growing exponentially in recent times. Smart buildings offer more personalization and mobility, with offerings that have been proven to improve employee engagement and productivity. While there are many benefits, outlined below are 5 key reasons to lease office space in a smart building:

  1. Security

One of the major advantages of leasing space in a smart building is that you have access to smart security devices like panels, cameras, alarms, door locks, and more which can work together in combination with the larger smart building system to monitor and secure an office building. In addition, you can arm or disarm locations remotely and send notifications via phone, text, or email if there is unusual activity detected.

In a post-COVID era, you can also control access to specific areas within a building. This will help in regulating the traffic within the office space.

  1. Energy Management

Business owners of small or large commercial buildings can save and monitor energy expenses with smart building devices. Corporate clients can benefit from lower utility bills since most office leases are structured so that the landlord passes off utility expenses to the tenant. Lights, electronics, and temperature control can automatically be adjusted in unoccupied meeting rooms. According to Albany Business Review, smart buildings can reduce costs by an average of 15% and create an environment that reduces energy waste and stimulates employee productivity.

  1. Human-centric Lighting

With smart LED lighting, corporate clients can control lighting to fit any desired mood or atmosphere. Lighting temperature or color can be adjusted to reflect the sun’s lighting and time of day, reduce eye strain from computer screens, and reduce fatigue from long days in the office.

By utilizing advanced sensor technology to control the building’s lighting, office space can be more efficiently managed by not lighting rooms and offices that are not being used. In addition, you can significantly help to reduce energy waste by strategically placing sensors above the entrance to conference rooms or office doors.

  1. Increased Productivity

Smart technology makes the day-to-day operation of commercial businesses more efficient. With just a click or flick of a switch, business owners can turn on the lights, open the shades, adjust the temperature, arm security, lock the doors, and more. This ensures that minutes and hours are not lost in mundane activities. In addition, smart devices can also help in setting a welcoming environment and optimal comfort for employees and customers.

  1. Smart Buildings Give Smart Data

Another major benefit of leasing a smart office building is access to smart data. With smart buildings and technologies, you can obtain the necessary data on electricity, water consumption, hourly space utilization, etc. This data is useful for optimization and in taking corrective action about the usage of the office space. In addition, the data is collected centrally and simplified for easy analysis. For instance, with data flowing in, business owners have access to the energy numbers in real-time and can use the information in controlling and monitoring systems that are placed in the building.


Originally published on August 11, 2021 by our good friends and colleagues at iOptimizeRealty. The original post can be found HERE.