Commercial Space Utilization: What It Is & Its Benefits

In commercial real estate, space is one factor that can either be over or underutilized. Do you need to utilize the space you have? If yes, to what end? Does space utilization have any effect on your productivity or office outlook? Is your space being used for what it was intended for?

Defining Space Utilization

Space utilization simply refers to how space is being used. It means measuring and understanding the capacity of an office, the capacity being used and the capacity left unused.

To get the percentage of how much office space is being utilized, the building’s occupancy would be divided by its capacity i.e. the number of people using the building will be divided by the amount of space being used.

Space utilization in a working environment is worth taking cognizance of as well-designed office space will lead to productive, happy, and social workers that are self-motivated and willing to carry out their jobs effectively.

Best Practices for Space Utilization

To effectively utilize space in a working environment for better productivity, it is important that a lot of effort, planning, and practices are put in place. Some of the practices to adopt are;

The Use of IoT sensors

Using IoT sensors to measure your office space will enable you to utilize every square foot most optimally. Simply put, having the right spaces measured out equals finding the right people who will do their job comfortably and effectively.

Use of Activity-based Working

Using this practice will foster freedom, collaboration, relationships, and positivity within the working environment. Here, employees have no designated workspace thus, they are free to meet and hold meetings anywhere within the office.

Use of Feedback

Getting input from employees and team members is also an effective way of utilizing a commercial space; their input can be gotten anonymously to get their accurate perspective on spaces that should be used and those that should be left idle.

Benefits of Space Utilization

Proper utilization of all spaces in the working environment. Every square inch is employed at its peak to attain a productive environment.

Space utilization provides solid insight into what the spaces in one’s property represent like the densely occupied areas, the over-occupied areas, areas that require more desks or cubicles, spaces that need more lighting or visibility, and so on.

Space utilization gives room for growth and expansion. As a result of the spaces that become available, there will be new workspaces for incoming employees and optimal space usage for newly acquired equipment that was initially set aside.

Space utilization gives a huge boost to employees’ work ethics. Employees are better concentrated, motivated, effective and productive in well-designed and spaced-out working environments.

Space utilization fosters collaboration among employees. Oftentimes, employees either form cliques or specific groups they prefer to work with or work independently on joint projects which brings about skewed productivity.

In summary, space utilization is essential for a productive working environment thus, it is advised that essential tools and software like IoT sensors and space management software are employed when utilizing commercial spaces.

Originally published on August 24, 2021 by our good friends and colleagues at iOptimizeRealty. The original post can be found HERE.