Your corporate real estate department...without the overhead.

Tenant Advisory

Companies in every sector lease space for their business needs. Our tenant advisory services level the playing field against the professional landlords and leasing agents who, by their very nature, seek to maximize their profit at your expense.

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Buy/Sell Advisory

Your company’s real estate footprint may change as your operations change. Whether that means buying or selling a facility, leverage our expertise in the many different types of considerations and due diligence concerns involved with these types of transactions. From modeling the impact on your balance sheet to managing the documentation flow with your legal counsel, we’ve got you covered.

Lease Renewals & Modifications

One of the most overlooked aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship is the lease renewal and lease modification process. We are experienced at advocating on your behalf to make sure you are given the consideration you deserve for extending or expanding your commitment to your landlord, saving you significant money in the process.