What Is Lease Administration?

Think of lease administration as everything that happens after you sign the lease and move in.

This may come as a surprise—or not—but once they are signed, most leases are deposited into a file cabinet or drawer and seldom thought of again. That leads to forgotten obligations, missed deadlines for action, and squandered opportunities.

As your lease administrator, we notify you in advance of everything from lease anniversaries, to rent escalations, to notice dates for expansion and renewal options. We also make sure you know when you’re nearing the end of your lease, so you can properly plan your next move.

You should know, lease administration is provided as a complimentary service to Vogel Advisors’ clientele.


What is a Lease Audit?

Even though most landlords have lease accounting software and office staff preparing and sending invoices, mistakes can—and do—happen. A lease audit is the analysis and comparison of what you owe under the lease to what you were charged.


Analysis & Comparison

Tenants should consider a lease audit every 1-2 years of their lease. The process involves a thorough reading of the lease and a review of the last six months of billing statements. Once completed, we can identify incorrect billing statements, then work with the landlord’s staff to rectify the problem and make sure you’re credited any amounts you’ve overpaid.